The bow-tied, bespectacled American home cooking authority, Christopher Kimball (founder of America's Test Kitchen) alongside dishes featured in his new venture, Milk Street Kitchen: Caramel Oranges, Thai-style Cole Slaw, Charred Brussels Sprouts.


Christopher Kimball on the founding of Milk Street Kitchen.


What is Milk Street Kitchen?

It’s a place — 177 Milk Street — in downtown Boston. It’s also a cooking school, a kitchen, the set of our new TV show, and the place where we create the recipes that we call “The New Home Cooking.”

For the last 25 years, I have promised the home cook that the recipes would work. Now I am promising that a different set of recipes, a new approach to cooking can elevate the quality of your cooking far beyond anything you thought was possible.

I still love the cooking of New England — apple pie is still my favorite recipe of all time — but the American repertoire is only part of the story. The rest of the world has created flavor by using spices, textures, fermented sauces, chiles, and fresh herbs. This new style of cooking is more about layers of flavor, about contrast, about combining ingredients in new ways.

There are no long lists of hard-to-find ingredients, strange cookware, or all-day methods. Grilled Spicy Broccoli, French Carrot Salad, Rum-Soaked Chocolate Prune Cake, Thai-Style Cole Slaw, or Asian Chicken Noodle Soup all deliver big flavors and textures without having to learn a new culinary language.

By using simpler, more streamlined cooking techniques combined with more powerful combinations of ingredients, you can produce dishes that, until now, you thought were beyond your culinary skills. (Hey, I know this is true — even my wife tells me that my cooking has gotten better!)

Welcome to The New Home Cooking. Welcome to Milk Street Kitchen.


Christopher Kimball
Founder, Milk Street Kitchen